Monday, April 6, 2009

What would you do if you KNEW you were about to be killed by a polar bear????

Carol: I would hop into the Arctic Ocean and hopefully sink to speed up the process

Jenny: I would take awesome pictures and then throw the camera so that the world could see my last glorious moments

Rachael: I will turn on my pretty looks, flash it my pearly whites, grab on to its fur and jump on its back, and take my 8-second ride of fame

Emily: I can't think of a better entry in an obituary, so I would let him do whatever he needs to do to kill me quickly

Tony: I would whistle a fine Scottish Aire while doing a Irish jig thinking in my mind of eating a grilled bratwurst on a bun with saurkraut, onion, jalapenos, and ketchup

Sam: I would pee on it

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