Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Muktuk and (raw) Tuttu

We had quite an interesting dessert this evening. After supper we were heading back to our rooms and we found our good friend Ruth cutting up some Muktuk. Muktuk is the skin and blubber of a whale. We each tried some and let's just say we won't be in a hurry to try it again any time soon. Once the Muktuk was mostly gone (with very little help from any of us) Ruth got out some raw, frozen Tuttu--caribou. We're told it is especially good dipped in seal oil. Here are some highlights of our special treats:

Emily and Rachael right before trying the Muktuk
Jenny's first ever taste of whale
Sam and Carol: Before and After

Close up of the Muktuk


  1. Please bring some home! We'll serve it at your graduation party!

  2. Maybe we should suggest this for the dining service . . they do each lutefisk here you know!