Sunday, April 5, 2009

We have Arrived!

We are in Barrow Alaska! We all arrived safely even though Mt. Redoubt had its biggest eruption yesterday morning. They are still waiting on the "big" one though. The first flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage was 6 hours long - a little too long. The flight to Barrow was exciting because we got to speak with lots of people on the plane headed to Barrow as well. The Barrow airport was so tiny! The "baggage claim" was a man throwing luggage and boxes down a ramp.

We headed over to the college when we got here and found the place is pretty great. The dorms are well equipped with the things that we need and the food is supposedly really good. We will have to compare it to the Gustavus nationally ranked caf and see though! Last night we went out to eat a Pepe's and officially joined the "I crossed the Arctic Circle Club." Its always sunny here. We saw the sun begin to set yesterday at around 10pm over the Arctic Ocean (which just looks like snow and ice right now). We have been warned about polar bears and what to do and the weather warmed up for us so it is actually pretty nice. The buildings are definitely warm enough! We are usually sweating when we are inside. Today we are hoping to get out and enjoy some spring community events.



  1. Thanks for the update, Jenny! I'm glad to hear that you're warm when you're inside. Have a great time!

  2. Hi Jenny and all!

    I am glad you arrived safely . . . sounds like you are going to have an adventure! Keep me posted on your teaching experiences up north.


  3. Hi Jenny and all -

    I am glad you arrived OK . . it sounds like you are in for an adventure! I look forward to hearing about yoru teaching experiences up north!

    Deb P