Monday, April 13, 2009

Basketball Madness

Last week, Rachael was asked to join a community league basketball team by the P.E. teacher at the elementary. Rachael played her first game in Barrow, Alaska on Friday night. Her team name is call the Tiipaks which is translated to mean "girly girly." The Tiipaks won their game on Friday night which sent them into the Championship game on Saturday. Rachael soon found out that these Alaskan girls are rough and physical playing basketball. She has several bruises throughout her body (with two bruises on her legs each about the size of a softball). The Championship game was a very exciting game with Rachael playing quite well. In the first half, she had three points, but in the second half she came out ready to score. She was three for three from behind the three point arch (with one being an NBA three). It was really neat how the crowd was cheering for the new girl that no one knew because she was from Minnesota. The Tiipaks ended up winning the Championship by two points and Rachael ended the game with fifteen points!

As the Champions, each player on the Tiipaks team received a t-shirt. A Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was also given to out and Rachael was the recipient of that! For being the MVP, she received a MVP windbreaker jacket. In Barrow, they have weekend basketball tournaments often and it will be exciting to go to another one soon!

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  1. Rachel - Way to go representing the mid west 'non' girly girls on the basketball team!