Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello all,

We are very pleased to announce that the two Jo(h)ns have arrived on top of the world. We were so happy to see some familiar faces in the airport on Saturday evening. Our good friend Steve Culbertson guided John and Jon on an Arctic tour of the city. At dinner, we met Jay, a biologist studying the impact of oil on copepods and fish, specifically cod. Jay was so kind to ask them out on the ice for some scientific research (STAY OFF THE ICE). You are only on the coast of the Arctic Ocean once, right?

Anyway, we are very glad to have the GAC company here.

A lot has been going on. Sam and Jenny went dog sledding, which we will go into further detail the next post. We are experiencing a heat wave...36 degrees! That may sound strange, but it is hot for this area. The ice is melting on the roads and the snow is turning black.

Emily, Carol, and I were invited to the KBRW Radio Station by Hayden, a dorm parent and a DJ for the station. I had my radio debut during this time. Hayden recorded me playing two of my songs the night before and they were played at 3:00 in the afternoon. The songs were "The Pirate Song" and "My Sister's Dream." All three of us said a few things about our experience on air on top of the world. 'Twas really exciting.

Well...I bid ye all farewell. Keep posting. We are glad to read your responses. Stay warm down in the lower 48. It is safe to say that we are adapting to this weather. I was outside in shorts and a fleece yesterday and I was comfortable. Ta-ta.

Tony JoLo :)


  1. I got to hear most of the radio broadcast, and it was thrilling to hear your voices coming from so far away! Tony, your songs sounded great. Best of luck with your singing/songwriting career.

    This blog is so much fun to read! Thank you for giving us frequent updates. I check in several times a day hoping for MORE!!

  2. I am glad you are introducing the Jo(h)ns to your life style. Be sure they get to try some of the native food! Any chance you have a recording of your radio interview/singing for those of us who missed it??

  3. Great post Tony. I love reading up on what you are doing. Is there any way to hear a recording of the radio broadcast online?