Monday, April 6, 2009

Tony gets eaten by a polar bear (almost)

Well hello friends,

Tony Bologna here. I will start out with a little adventure that I embarked on on Monday morning at 2:00 in the am. I woke up at 1:50, hoping to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Since it was dark from 1:00-4:00, 2:00 would be a good time to see them. I walked about 200 yards and was standing on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. I waited quietly and mysteriously for the lights to appear. After about a minute, I looked down in the snow. I saw a pattern going up the slope, down the slope, up the slope, down the slope. I said to myself, "Well I'll be...those look like polar bear tracks." They were!!! Now, a number one rule here on the slope is not to venture off by yourself, especially at 2:15 in the am. You can call me dumb as I proceeded to take some sweet photos of the head-size paw prints. The lights never came and I scurried back to the dorm, like a snowshoe hare scampering across the frozen Arctic Tundra.

Little did I know that those tracks were fresh. The next day, a warning came out saying that college officials spotted tracks at around 2:30 in the am. I saw them at 2:15.

In all seriousness, polar bears are no joke. They will sneak up on you and they will eat you. People all over the school wondered what I was thinking. I don't know but I learned a lesson. I think I just missed that bear.


  1. Hey Tony.
    Sam Madsen shared the blog URL and I am reading all the comments from GAC students. What an adventure you are all having!
    I loved Alaska when I spent a few weeks there several years ago. I encountered two of the "great white bears" and have never been so terrified. They are very intelligent, will pursue "food" of any kind, and love the more moonlight walks, OK?!
    Dr. Herman, HES Dept., GAC

  2. Tony

    I know you'd like to stay in Alaska, but why not do it as a teacher instead of bear food??? Sounds like you are all having a unique experience!

    Deb P

  3. Tony,
    All I can say is... TONY!!"

  4. Tony,

    I hear that polar bears prefer male, elementary majors over any other food. Stay off the ice and don't go out for a walk with the polar bears.

    John Clementson

    See you all soon

  5. Tony...your name is Tony Bissen, not Timothy Treadwell. But I like the spirit! I told mom you remind me of Paul (Brad Pitt) in "A River runs through it." Take care bro! Catch some salmon for that bear!

    Ray and Ames

  6. Hey Tony,

    I just wanted to say "hello!" Mom told me the good news. I'm very pround of you, Tony. You are well on your way to becoming a successful man. Still waitin' on Zellar for that June 13th deal. Everyone at work is excited to hear us! Let me know how things are.