Monday, April 20, 2009

What we've been up to

We're in our third week here in Barrow and in the schools. Most of us started teaching some classes this week so we've been busy planning lessons and getting ready for each day.

This past weekend we spent a lot of time at the high school at a basketball tournament. Tony and Sam played on the high school team and Rachael represented the college. Both teams did really well and made it far, which was great, but it also meant more time away from our beds and our homework. We did have a lot of chances to get to know more of the locals here and it was nice to be involved in something that is so important to the people here. It seems like everyone either plays basketball or has a family member who does! We were even able to watch a lot of our students play basketball. It was fun to see them in a different environment.

We also made an important discovery this weekend: "30 Days of Night" a movie that is supposed to take place in Barrow is nothing like the real Barrow. Whenever we told anyone that we had watched the movie they laughed.

This will be another busy week for us and then on Saturday John Clementson and John Grinell will be joining us. It will be fun to show them around!!


  1. Please tell us about the college graduation last night!

  2. Hi everyone.
    I guess I am not too surprised about the love of basketball in Barrow given the weather and the need to play indoor sports the majority of the year!

    Sat in a meeting with Jon and John the other day and both sounded very excited about joining all of you in Alaska.

    I am loving this very nice to hear how things are going.

    Dr. Herman