Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barrow High Graduation - May 16

We went to the Barrow High School graduation this weekend. Unfortunately it was really long and we able to stay for the diploma part. However, I thought it was really interesting to see how it was done. Since it is a small school, it is much different than my graduation at the Target Center. They had it in their gym and got to pick someone to walk in with. Like the other graduations and ceremonies we have attended, they had the baleen held above them as they entered to the sound of drums. Then, they had a rose ceremony for graduates to thank all of those that have helped them and they also had lots of scholarships that the graduates received.

In their freshman year, this class had about 100 students. ON this day, 52 graduated. This fact kept me thinking. This made the fact that the graduation rate here is 50% very obvious to me. I had forgotten that this place had those statistics. It had seemed so normal. I did see a lot of students "disappear" for vacation 2 weeks at a time and there still remains students in my classes that I have never met. But, these students made it to school most of the year before this I assumed. However, they now have almost no chance of passing and may be the first steps to their dropout. I taught 2 freshman classes here. It is very likely that by the time they are seniors, one whole class will no longer be here in school.

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